Finnish snowboard shop in Helsinki focused on snowboarding

Finnish snowboard shop in Helsinki and online

New store, new online store, domestic payment methods, Klarna payment time and much more!

Shreddington Snow renewed for the 2024 season!

We introduced Paytrail payment methods in the online store. You can also find the Klarnan pay later payment option in the shopping cart

Finnish payment methods are now available

Available through Shreddington Snow

DEELUXE Snowboard shoes

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Now available 2023-2024 models

Union snowboard bindings

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Finnish importer without intermediaries

Everything for snowboarding

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A few manufacturers from our online store

We sell the top brands of snowboarding and carefully select each snowboard model, binding, shoe and other equipment.

Bataleon lumilaudatUnion lumilautasiteetThirtyTwo lumilautamonotKorua lumilaudatSpringbreak lumilaudat


The store is right in the heart of Helsinki at Kalevankatu 11, 00100 Helsinki

Everything for snowboarding from one address

The new store will open on October 3. at Kalevankatu

After a long search, we found the perfect location for our store

Our experts will help you choose the right equipment

There are differences in snowboards

The so-called "basic snowboard" is a really broad concept. Each skier has his own style, body structure, shoe size, favorite type of slope, tricks and several other things that influence the choice of equipment. Let our experts help you find exactly the right tools for your needs at the Helsinki store.

Ski resort

No ski resort


Promoting the sport and supporting young people

Shreddington Snow supports young and up-and-coming Finnish skiers, both domestically and internationally

We will tell you more in the near future..