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Show off your entire snowboard collection with Union's wall mount snowboard holders. These easy-to-install snowboard holders will help you get your boards out of that stack in the closet and on display for everyone to see. 


Tools Needed: 

4 mm Drill Bit 
Tape Measure 
Screw Driver 


  1. Choose the wall location and height that you’d like your snowboard to be at. (The board should rest near the top inserts) 
  2. Measure the width of your snowboard at the top inserts 
  3. Using the measurement from above, mark the two pilot holes with a pencil   
  4. Use a level to ensure the mounting holes are even
  5. Drill your pilot holes 
  6. Insert the drywall anchor into the pilot holes 
  7. Hand screw each wall mount into place 
  8. Load your board by inserting it at the narrowest point and gently slide into place
  9. If needed, loosen the screw to adjust the width of the hangers based on where you want your board to rest 
  10. Place the rubber cover onto the hanger
  11. Step back and admire your beautiful snowboard display 

 Product Details

• Includes Wall Plugs

• Mounts To Any Flat Surface

• Die Cast Aluminum Cover With U Logo

• Accommodates Snowboards Of Any Shape Or Size

• Adjustable Width To Help Avoid Re-Drilling Walls