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Take it to the edge.

The carving renaissance continues; we wanted to design a directional arrow that offers lightning response and rail-like edge hold but which is fun to ride in everyday conditions long after you’ve rinsed the corduroy. Thanks to 3BT it can afford to be a little wider than your typical carve board – adding some useful float – while the narrow centerbase accelerates edge transitions and keeps drag to a minimum. Get low, feel your eyes water and your palms scrape.


Flex 7

Softer snowboards are easier to press and won’t kick your ass if you make a mistake. Stiffer decks are more stable at speed and super responsive edge-to-edge. Choose your poison.

Float 8.4

Maximum volume for surfy vibes in the pow, or a smaller surface area for nimble freestyle performance. This number is calculated with length, width, 3D shape and surface distribution.


What’s this board’s natural home? Full send in the park? Elbows down on the trails? Or chucking roosters somewhere off grid?