Stomp pads



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Stomp pads

Say goodbye to slipping and sliding your way to the snow-lifts with our Stomp Pads! Our Stomp Pads are specially designed to give you extra traction and stability when getting on or off your snowboard, making it easier to navigate those tricky, icy areas near the lifts.

No more struggling to keep your balance or falling awkwardly while carrying your board. With our Stomp Pads, you'll feel confident and secure as you make your way to the lift line. And once you're there, our Stomp Pads will help you keep your footing as you wait your turn, so you can focus on enjoying the ride ahead.

Our Stomp Pads are easy to install and come in a range of colors and designs to suit your style. And with their durable, high-quality construction, they'll provide reliable performance season after season.

So make your snowboarding experience even more enjoyable with our Stomp Pads. Don't let slippery snow hold you back - grab a set of our Stomp Pads today and take on the mountain with confidence!

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