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Beyond Medals

Beyond Medals is not a traditional snowboard brand, but it is a major player in snowboarding culture. Beyond Medals is originally a project launched to document the journeys and experiences of elite snowboarders. Behind it are several snowboarding professionals, such as Kevin Backström and Tor Lundström.

While Beyond Medals is best known for their video content and lifestyle brand, they have expanded their reach and collaborations with other players in the industry. For example, they have made a snowboard model in collaboration with Bataleon and snowboard bindings with Union.

In the snowboarding community, Beyond Medals is known for its courage, creativity and desire to push boundaries. Their video content, combining incredible tricks and global adventures, has inspired many young snowboarders around the world.

In summary, Beyond Medals is not just a label or a brand; it's a movement. It's a community that celebrates the diversity and culture of snowboarding and encourages others to find their own path off the slopes. Beyond Medals' influence and presence in snowboarding culture is undeniable and definitely worth checking out.

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