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Rip Curl

Rip Curl, originally founded in 1969 in Australia, is one of the most iconic brands in surfing and water sports. While the company is best known for its surf gear and apparel, it has also expanded into snowboarding, bringing the same passion, innovation and quality that has made it popular with surfers.

Products: Rip Curl's snowboarding selection includes a wide range of products, from technical snowboarding jackets and pants to high-quality snowboarding gloves and beanies. Rip Curl focuses on combining stylish design, functionality and durability. Many of their products utilize the latest materials and technologies designed to withstand demanding conditions and allow skiers to fully focus on the slopes.

Culture: Rip Curl's heritage in the world of water sports has helped shape its identity in snowboarding. The spirit of a "lifestyle brand" prevails in the company, which emphasizes adventure, self-challenge and connection with nature. This culture is reflected in their advertising campaigns as well as in the design of their products. Rip Curl has always encouraged individuals to go further, find new slopes and enjoy the freedom that snowboarding brings.

Finally, while Rip Curl may not be the original 'snowboard brand', it has brought a breath of fresh air to the world of snowboarding, combining the best parts of water sports and mountains. It's a brand that continues to excite and inspire as it expands its horizons and finds new ways to face the elements.

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