Whatnot Agency - Importer

Whatnot Agency - Importer

Whatnot Agency – Pioneer of Finnish Snowboarding

When talking about top snowboarding products in Finland, one name rises above the others: Whatnot Agency. This importer has brought many of the world's top brands of snowboarding within the reach of Finns, combining passion, expertise and quality.

Hailing from the snow-capped mountains of the United States, Capita stands for technological innovation and superior design. The brand's boards are known not only for their durability but also for their unique appearance and performance. The Dutch company Bataleon has changed the rules of the game again with its three-dimensional board design Triple Base Technology, revolutionizing the skiing experience. The American Rome SDS is a community of snowboarders dedicated to creating snowboarding products for true enthusiasts.

Spring Break , also from the USA, celebrates the retro culture of snowboarding by combining modern materials with handmade designs. American Union Bindings sets the standard for snowboard bindings, combining durability and comfort. Thirtytwo , known for the excellence of its snowboard boots, invests in quality and comfort for the skier. Beyond Medals is a European snowboard clothing brand that combines urban style with functionality.

Hailing from the US, Crab Grab is synonymous with grip, bringing innovative products to enhance the skiing experience. When it comes to performance, Hertel Wax provides skiers with optimal glide in a variety of conditions. Volcom is an international snowboard clothing brand that combines high fashion and performance. Electric and Spectrum , both US brands, are the absolute top of the ski goggle market. Australia's Rip Curl offers excellent clothing and gear, while Method Mag , a European snowboarding magazine, keeps the community up to date with the latest trends in the industry.

Whatnot Agency is not just an importer; it is a bridge to the world of snowboarding, bringing the best international products to Finnish enthusiasts. When you want the best in snowboarding, Whatnot Agency is the right address. Get to know the brands and products they import - your snowboarding experience will rise to a new level.