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Founded in 1995, Thirtytwo is committed to producing innovative and top quality snowboard boots and is now one of the leading brands in its field. Since the company was founded, Thirtytwo has been a pioneer in snowboard boot technology and design, and their products have been popular with professionals and hobbyists alike.

Thirtytwo is best known for its commitment to comfort and performance. The company conducts an extensive testing process involving the world's top snowboarders to ensure that each boot meets the highest standards. As a result, Thirtytwo shoes are known for their fit, warmth and durability, no matter what conditions they are put into.

Although technology and performance are at the core of the company, Thirtytwo has not forgotten the aesthetic side. Their shoes combine modern design with timeless style, making them both functional and stylish. In addition, the company is known for its collaboration with artists and designers, which has resulted in unique and eye-catching shoe designs.

Sustainability is also a key part of Thirtytwo's philosophy. The company is committed to reducing its environmental impact and using sustainable materials and manufacturing methods wherever possible. This not only makes the shoes more environmentally friendly, but also more durable.

In summary, Thirtytwo is a snowboard boot brand dedicated to innovation, performance and style. Their passion and commitment to excellence is evident in each of their products, and they have set the standard for what snowboarders can expect from their boots. When you choose Thirtytwo, you choose quality, comfort and style – a combination that has made them one of the leading names in their field.

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