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Bataleon is a recognized name in the world of snowboarding, known for its innovative designs and uncompromising quality. Founded in the early 2000s, Bataleon has made a name for itself especially with its 3BT (Triple Base Technology) technology. This patented design, where the edges of the board sole rise up in the nose and tail, offers the snowboarder many advantages. It reduces the edges hitting the snow, making the board more forgiving without reducing reactivity. The design also improves buoyancy in powder.

Bataleon's philosophy is based on the idea that counting should be fun. Whether it's the park, the slopes or deep powder days, with Bataleon boards skiers can focus on enjoying every moment on the snow.

The selection covers everything: from beginner boards that make learning smooth and fun, to pro-level models designed for skiers competing at the top of the world. The background of the brand's quality and performance is continuous product development, where feedback from both consumers and professionals is listened to.

If you are looking for something more from a board that adapts to your skill level and gives you the opportunity to grow as a counter, Bataleon boards are an excellent choice. With this brand, you can be sure that you are getting a top quality product, made with years of experience and love for the sport.

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