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Capita is one of the most respected and innovative brands in the world of snowboarding. Founded in 2000, the company has quickly risen to the top thanks to its unique design, technology and cultural influence. Capita isn't just a snowboard brand, it's a phenomenon; it is a culture and a way of life that is reflected in each of its products.

The company headquarters, called "The Mothership", is located in the Austrian Alps and is one of the most advanced snowboard factories in the world. Designed from start to finish to be sustainable, it uses the latest technology to create boards that are not only technically advanced but also environmentally friendly.

When designing boards, Capita focuses not only on performance but also on the aesthetics of the board. The company's boards are often decorated with bold and artistic graphics that make them recognizable on the slopes. This combination of technical prowess and visual identity has made Capita the go-to brand for many snowboarders around the world.

The technology of Capita's boards has constantly developed, they combine durable materials and innovative design solutions that offer snowboarders the best possible performance in various conditions. Capita's versatile selection includes boards for both park and deep powder.

Capita is also strongly committed to the snowboarding culture and community. The company supports numerous events, competitions and snowboarders, and has a significant impact on shaping and moving snowboarding culture forward.

In short, Capita represents the future of snowboarding. It combines sustainable values, innovative design and community spirit in a way that has inspired calculators for generations. If you're a passionate snowboarder and you're looking for a board with top performance and a strong visual look, Capita is a brand you should check out.

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