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KORUA was born from a group of friends who happened to be traveling snowboarders in their thirties. On a trip to Japan in 2012, we saw the country's thriving snowboarding culture and their specially built "deep powder" boards. This spoke to our individual billing styles and interests. So when the opportunity came to start our own brand, it was clear that we would focus on making boards that would be easy to ski on our home mountains – the Alps, and that would turn particularly well. At the heart of every KORUA board is a sidecut that lets you curve like nothing else on hard groomers and a shape that lets you float through powder with ease. They really are great all-around boards.

Investing more in timeless shapes ourselves, we decided to offer all our boards with very minimalistic graphics that don't change every season. This allows us to invest more energy in the actual performance of each format and remain free from seasonal "collections". As a result, production is more sustainable, and it also reduces the desire to buy a new snowboard every year based on updated graphics.

Since its inception, KORUA has been driven by our true passion for snowboarding. We share this passion through our ongoing Yearning For Turning video series. Living in an area where we are seeing our glaciers melt and our snow season shorten, we felt it was imperative to take responsibility in our business and as individuals. That's why we proudly joined the 1% For The Planet organization, and we are personally involved and donate 1% of our annual sales to various organizations.

Through 1% For The Planet we partner with "Protect Our Winters Switzerland" who educate our community and take political action for the planet. We also support the "Save Paradise Forests" campaign through Euronatur, which fights against the illegal logging of Europe's last old-growth forests. While we know we use wood as our quality material, and are lucky enough to spend endless days playing in the mountains, we do our best to give back and protect the resources that bring us so much joy.

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