Rome SDS (Snowboard Design Syndicate)

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The Rome Snowboard Design Syndicate, better known as Rome SDS, has been at the forefront of snowboarding culture and innovation since 2001, when it was founded. The company's founders, Josh Reid and Paul Maravetz, wanted to create a brand that would serve real snowboarders and reflect their passion for the sport.

The Rome SDS philosophy is simple: snowboarding is more than just a sport; it's a way of life. This vision is reflected in everything they do, from their carefully designed boards to their involvement in the snowboarding community. The company is known for actively listening to rider feedback and integrating it into the design of their products, ensuring their boards and gear meet the needs of real snowboarders.

One of the hallmarks of Rome SDS is its innovations and technical solutions. They have constantly strived to push the boundaries in board design and improve performance in all conditions. This innovation, combined with their distinctive design, has made Rome SDS the choice of many professionals and hobbyists around the world.

Rome SDS is also known for its commitment to snowboarding culture. They are actively involved in events, competitions and festivals around the world and have sponsored and supported several well-known snowboarders. This sense of community and commitment to snowboarding is an integral part of their identity.

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