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Hertel Wax is a long-standing and respected player in the ski wax industry, which has served skiers and snowboarders for decades. The company's founder, Terry Hertel, began developing revolutionary waxes in the 1970s, and his passion and innovation have guided the company ever since. Hertel's team rider has also included big, well-known snowboard legends such as Craig Kelly and Jeff Brushie.

The company's product range has grown over the years and now includes a variety of fluorine-free waxes for different weather conditions and uses, whether it's piste skiing, free skiing or a leisurely day on the slopes. Hertel is known for its ability to innovate and adopt new technologies, which has kept them at the forefront of the industry.

Durability is also a key value for Hertel Wax. They are committed to making their products environmentally friendly, which reduces both the environmental impact and the exposure of skiers and snowboarders to harmful chemicals. This commitment to the environment is just one reason why Hertel Wax is the first choice for many professionals and hobbyists.

In summary, Hertel Wax is a trusted name in the ski wax industry, known for its innovation and commitment to quality. Their products are the result of decades of research and development, helping skis and snowboards glide better in all conditions.

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