Lashed snowboard boots


Lashed snowboard boots

Lashed snowboard boots are known worldwide for their comfort, performance and flexibility. This shoe brand is a favorite of many skiers, as it combines ergonomics, stylish design and longevity. Especially when it comes to fastening systems, Lashed shoes have a more traditional lace fastening, while the BOA fastening system offers a twist adjustment mechanism that is quick and easy to use.

The advantage of the BOA fastening is quick adjustment and easy tightening, which can be done even with gloves on. It provides a smooth and customized fit without pressure points. In Lashed shoes, the traditional lace fastening allows the fitter to adjust each lace segment separately, which can produce a more precise and personalized fit for certain foot types.

Both mounting methods are excellent in their own way and ultimately depend on the personal preferences of the calculator. Whichever you choose, you can be sure that you will get a high-quality and functional product.

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