BOA fastening in snowboard boots and the manufacturer's responsibility

BOA fastening in snowboard boots

Repair of snowboard bindings

The BOA fastening system has revolutionized the snowboard boot market by providing an intuitive, fast and reliable way to adjust boots. Shreddington Snow is proud to offer a range of shoes that utilize this cutting edge technology. But what exactly is BOA, and what is the guarantee offered by BOA?

BOA: Fast, simple, effective

The BOA system has a rotating disc that tightens and loosens the steel cable around the snowboard boot. This enables precise and even tightening around the entire leg. With one hand, even with gloves on, you can adjust your shoes to fit in seconds.

BOA guarantee: Confidence in every round

BOA is so confident in their technology that they offer an industry-leading warranty. If your BOA system breaks down during normal use, BOA will repair or replace it free of charge. This reflects their commitment to product quality and end user satisfaction.

BOA spare parts package: Ready for all situations

Although the BOA mounting system is designed to be extremely durable, unexpected situations can still occur. BOA has taken this into account by offering a spare parts kit that includes all the necessary parts to repair the fastening system. The package is compact and easy to carry, so you can keep it with you just in case. And best of all, BOA sells these parts packages directly on their website, so you're just a few clicks away from the solution.


The BOA fastening system has proven to be one of the most reliable and efficient snowboard boot fastening solutions on the market. Shreddington Snow is proud to offer BOA shoes to its customers and fully supports BOA's warranty and spare parts service. Whether it's your first time on the slopes or your thousandth descent, you can count on BOA to keep you tight and ready for your next adventure.

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