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Ski resorts

There are numerous skiing centers in Finland that offer versatile opportunities for both skiers and snowboarders. Ski centers in Finland are often popular travel destinations in winter, and they attract both domestic and foreign enthusiasts. Even though Finland is not known for its big mountains, the country still offers several wonderful skiing locations in different parts of the country. The ski centers located in northern Finland, such as Levi and Ruka, are particularly popular, as they offer a great setting for both alpine skiing and snowboarding. In addition, they are located in areas where there is plenty of snow in winter. Centers in southern Finland, such as Vihti Ski Center and Serena, also have a lot to offer. Snowboarders can find high-quality snowparks, halfpipes and other trick slopes in these centers, which offer opportunities for skill development. Finnish ski resorts often also have a lot to offer, such as cabin accommodation, restaurants, and other leisure activities, which makes them attractive destinations for winter vacations.


Ruka, in the heart of Kuusamo, is one of Finland's most popular skiing destinations. Its highest point rises to 492 meters, and it offers snowboarders a high-quality and versatile snowpark where they can practice tricks and improve their skills. International snowboarding competitions are also organized in Ruka, which tells about its high-quality conditions for those who enjoy the sport. Ruka is also particularly popular among off-piste skiers, as it offers many challenging routes for more experienced snowboarders. Ruka


Levi is located in Kittilä and is another of Lapland's most popular ski resorts. Levi is a versatile center whose highest point is 531 meters. Levi offers snowboarders a high-quality snowpark with many challenging obstacles and jumps. Levi is also known for its nightlife and other leisure services, which attract younger people to spend time here. Levi


Ylläs skiing center is located in Kolarii municipality, and its highest point is 718 meters. Ylläs is Finland's largest ski resort, and its area offers versatile snowboarding opportunities. Ylläs snowpark is particularly popular, and its slopes are well maintained and suitable for snowboarders of all levels. Above


Tahko is located in Pohjois Savo, and its highest point is 200 meters. In Tahko, snowboarders can enjoy versatile slopes and a good snowpark, which is suitable for both beginners and more experienced snowboarders. Tahko is also a popular destination for fans of other winter sports and activities, such as snowmobiling and skiing. Grindstone


The highest point in Vuokatti is 153 meters, and its snowpark is an excellent place for snowboarders. Vuokatti offers many other snowboarding opportunities, such as a street area and a rail park. Casserole


Luosto in Lapland is an ideal destination especially for beginner snowboarders, and its highest point is 514 meters. Luosto offers versatile services and nice slopes to enjoy. Monastery


Talma, near Helsinki, offers snowboarders a high-quality snowpark. The highest point is 93 meters, which makes it possible to practice even challenging tricks. There are a variety of slopes, and they are suitable for boarders of all levels. Talma


Vihti Ski Center's highest point is 110 meters, and it offers snowboarders versatile services. A good snowpark and different slopes guarantee comfort for boarders of all levels. Vihti Ski Center

Hyvinkää Switzerland

In Hyvinkää Switzerland, snowboarders can enjoy well-maintained slopes and a snowpark. The highest point is 140 meters, offering comprehensive opportunities for practicing the sport. Hyvinkää Switzerland


Kokonniemi in Porvoo offers good opportunities for snowboarding especially for beginners. Its highest point is 60 meters, and the slopes are nice and easy to descend. Kokonniemi


Serena, near Helsinki, offers many slopes and a good snowpark for snowboarders. The highest point is 120 meters, so it is perfect for both beginners and more experienced surfers. Serena


Messilä Lahti is a popular skiing center with a height difference of 110 meters. Snowboarders can enjoy well-maintained slopes and a high-quality snowpark. Mass


Himos in Jämsä offers great opportunities for snowboarding. The height difference is 151 meters, which makes the slopes exciting. Himos has several slopes, from which every snowboarder will find their favorite. Lust


Kalpalinna is located near Harjavalla. The difference in height is about 70 meters, and snowboarders have, among other things, a mini park and slopes that are also suitable for snowboarding. Kalpalinna

Deer country

Peuramaa Ski is located in Kirkkonummi, and its height difference is 80 meters. The center has excellent conditions for snowboarding, and there is also a separate snowpark. Deer Country Ski

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