Snowboarding is a worldwide passion that unites skiers of many ages and backgrounds. Whether you are a young, beginner or experienced skier, finding the right snowboard is of primary importance. In this presentation, we go through men's, women's and children's snowboards and their different shapes and purposes.

Some examples for men:

  • Bataleon : This brand is known for its 3BT shape technology, which offers excellent control and versatility.
  • Capita : Capita boards like the "Defenders of Awesome" are popular for their durability and performance.
  • Rome SDS : Rome offers a wide range, including the "Agent" model, which is a versatile all-mountain board.

Some examples for women:

  • Bataleon : "Feelbetter" is designed specifically for women, giving more flexibility and control.
  • Capita : "Birds of a Feather" is a versatile board model that is suitable for both powder and park.
  • Rome SDS : "Lo-Fi" is a popular all-mountain model that combines performance and style.

Some examples for children:

  • Bataleon : "Minishred" is the perfect board model for the youngest skiers, as it is designed with children's needs in mind.
  • Capita : "Micro-Scope" is flexible and durable, especially for smaller calculators.

Snowboard shapes

Snowboards have different shapes, which affect the performance of the board in different terrains and conditions:

  • Camber : A classic shape that offers good edge grip and effort.
  • Rocker : This shape is great in powder as it raises the nose and tail of the board, reducing sink.
  • Flat : A combination of camber and rocker properties.

Purposes of snowboarding

  • Allmountain : A versatile type of board suitable for all conditions and terrains.
  • Park : These boards often have a twin-tip shape that is well suited for tricks and jumps.
  • Powder : These boards are specially designed for deep snow. They are often wider and have a rocker shape.
  • Split boards : These boards can be split into two parts, making them ideal for backcountry skiing.

Snowboarding is a versatile sport, and choosing the right board can make the experience even better. Whether your terrain is park, powder or mountain, there is a board to suit your needs.

Shreddington Snow snowboard brands

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