Snowboard binding discs (DISC) and their differences

Snowboard disc's

Disc systems for snowboard bindings

The connection between the snowboard and the bindings is essential, and it is the disc systems that ensure this connection. Different brands and models of boards use different disc systems, and it is important to know these differences when choosing the right bindings for the board. In this Shreddington Snow guide, we cover the most common disc systems.


One of the most common disc systems is 4x4. In this system, the disks are fixed with four screws, which are in a square arrangement. Most common snowboard brands and bindings are compatible with 4x4 discs.


The 4x2 puck system is similar to the 4x4 system, but the pucks have more holes, which give the counter more options in terms of position and angle. This system offers greater customization according to the calculator's preferences.


The 3D puck system developed by Burton uses three screws in the shape of a triangle. Although not as common as 4x4 or 4x2, it is still available on many Burton boards and compatible bindings.


Another Burton innovation is the Channel system. In this system, the ties are attached to two longitudinal grooves on the bottom of the board. It allows for maximum customization in terms of binding position and angle, and is very popular with skiers looking for a perfect fit and adaptability.

Other systems

There are also other, less common disc systems on the market, but they often require special bindings or adapters. It is important to check the compatibility of the board and bindings before purchase.

Choosing the right disc system for your snowboard ensures that you get the best possible connection to the board and the best skiing experience. Shreddington Snow recommends checking board and binding compatibility and choosing bindings that match your skiing style and preferences.

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