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Polen has quickly become one of the most recognized names in the world of surf gear, known especially for its innovation, meticulously handcrafted boards and passion for waves.

Roots and Growth

Polen's story begins in a small workshop where a local group of surfers decided to share their love of waves by creating top-of-the-line boards. Since then, Polen has been dedicated to bringing quality products to the surfing community.

Craftsmanship masterpieces

Each Polen board is made from carefully selected materials and combines craftsmanship with modern design, ensuring that every surfer gets the best experience on the water.

At the forefront of technology

Polen has always been known for its technological innovations. The company is constantly researching new materials and design techniques to maintain its position at the forefront of its field.

Environmental awareness

Love for the seas also means responsibility for their protection. Polen is committed to environmentally friendly practices that aim to minimize the impact of their production on the Earth.

Competitiveness and Success

Many professional surfers and champions have chosen Polen boards as part of their success story. The company's boards have been part of many global competition achievements.

Global Presence

Although Pukas' roots are in Spain, their boards can be found on beaches all over the world. The brand's dedication to quality, innovation and the surfing community has brought it international fame and appreciation.

Community contribution

Polen is not just a business. The company invests heavily in surf education, events and initiatives that support the local and international surfing community.

Global presence

Although Polen has strong roots in its home country, its boards and products are sought after worldwide. Surfers around the world have recognized and accepted Polen's quality and commitment to excellence.

Polen is much more than just a surf equipment manufacturer; it's a lifestyle dedicated to the love of waves, community and innovation. By choosing Polen, you take part in a rich heritage and continue the journey with the waves that are the source of inspiration for every Polen board.