Spring Break Snowboards: Craftsmanship Meets Passion

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Springbreak Snowboards represents the creative and experimental wing of snowboarding. Founded on the vision of artist Corey Smith, Springbreak's roots lie in small-scale, hand-built prototypes that broke traditional notions of snowboard design and functionality.

This snowboarding project started out of a simple desire to explore and play with board shapes, combining art and snowboarding. Each Springbreak board is like a moving piece of art that tells a story both through its visual design and how it moves through the snow.

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Capita Snowboarding, one of the industry's leading board manufacturers, saw the innovation and uniqueness of Springbreak and decided to join forces with Smith. Thanks to their collaboration, Springbreak's unique boards are now available to a wider audience, but they still retain their original artisanal spirit.

Springbreak snowboards are especially known for their large noses and unique cuts that provide excellent buoyancy in deep snow. The boards are designed to give the skier the chance to experience snowboarding in a new and different way, and they encourage you to try new lines and styles on the slopes.

Sustainability is also a key part of Springbreak's philosophy. Together with Capita, they have introduced environmentally friendly manufacturing processes and materials, such as recycled fiberglass and reusable board core material.

In conclusion, Spring Break Snowboards is much more than just a snowboard brand. It is a movement and a cultural phenomenon that combines the passion of art, handmade and snowboarding. Its founder Corey Smith and Capita Snowboarding have come together to create something special for the snowboarding community, something that inspires and expands our understanding of what snowboarding can be.

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