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Snowboard binding introduction

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Union Bindings Strata

When it comes to snowboard bindings that combine cutting-edge technology and comfort, Union Bindings Co. Strata is often at the center of the conversation. It is a model designed to meet the demands and needs of the most modern snowboarders. In this article, we will delve into the special features of the Strata and why it has become a favorite of many snowboarders.

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Stratan can be recognized at first glance by its clear and elegant design. But there are many technical features behind this appearance. Union has utilized special materials, such as the Duraflex mixture, which guarantees the bond's durability and flexibility in cold conditions.

The Highback is designed to provide optimal support for every rider, and its design allows for a sensitive response to board movements. In addition, the Strata includes "ExoFrame" straps that distribute pressure evenly and guarantee comfort with every landing.

One of the special features of Strata is its versatile adjustability. Skiers can adjust binding positions, highback angle and strap tension to achieve just the right combination of comfort and performance. This makes the Strata ideal for both beginners and more experienced calculators.

Union Bindings Co. Strata is not tied to any specific terrain or style. Whether you're a king of the slopes, a powder lover or a street snowboarder, the Strata offers performance that's up to the challenge.

When you're wondering where to get new Union Bindings bindings, the Shreddington Snow online store and store are an absolute choice. Not only because they have a wide selection of all Union Bindings designs for men, women and children, but also because their service is second to none.

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