How to choose: Snowboard shoes and their differences

Miten valita: Lumilautakengät ja niiden erot

Snowboarding is a sport that requires carefully selected equipment, and one of the most important pieces of equipment is snowboard boots. Choosing the right shoes can directly affect the skiing experience, comfort and safety on the slopes. In this blog, we look at different snowboard boots and their most important differences.

  1. Softboots:

Softboots are also often called traditional snowboard boots and are the most commonly used. These shoes are soft and comfortable and look like regular winter shoes. The main features and differences are:

Comfort: Softboots are generally very comfortable and work well for a wide range of skiers.

Accuracy and power transmission: They offer good accuracy and power transmission, making them a popular choice for many calculators.

Intended use: Softboot shoes are commonly used on ski slopes and free skiing.

  1. Hardboots:

Hardboot shoes are used more in alpine skiing and carve skiing. They clearly differ from softboots in terms of their structure and intended use:

Structure: The structure of hardboot shoes is stiffer and offers better power transmission. They are often made of plastic or other rigid material.

Intended use: Hardboot shoes are used especially in snowboarding sports where high precision and stability are required, such as alpine skiing and carve skiing.

Fastening: The fastening of hardboots can be different from that of softboots, and they can fasten with special lacing mechanisms.

  1. Boa locking system:

The Boa locking system is an innovative way to adjust the fit of snowboard boots. It consists of a knob that is turned, causing the shoes to tighten evenly and tightly. This system provides a quick and easy way to adjust your shoes to just the right fit.

  1. Padding and thermal lining:

Snowboard boots can have different cushioning options and thermal linings that increase comfort and warmth. They are especially useful on cold days and long skiing trips.

  1. Compatibility with bandages:

It is very important to make sure that the snowboard boots fit well with the selected bindings. Matching your bindings and shoes is essential to achieve optimal performance and safety when skiing.

When choosing snowboard boots, it's important to consider your own experience, riding style and budget. Try on different shoes and make sure they fit well and feel comfortable. Also remember that choosing the right size is key to getting the best possible fit and performance when snowboarding. Good snowboard boots are an investment that can make your snowboarding experience even more enjoyable and safer.

When you start snowboarding, choosing the right gear can be challenging. Luckily, the experts at Shreddington Snow are here to help! In our store in Helsinki, you can get professional help and advice on choosing snowboarding equipment, whether your purpose is to ski down the slopes, float in powder or do tricks in the park. Trust us to find the right tools for you!

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