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is a lively, active fish, of gregarious habits and exceedingly prolific.
The fish is another classic, favoured equallly among surfers and snowboarders for its excellent float and carving characteristics in deep powder.

This board planes easily due to its wide tail and large surface area. This helps keep speed in mellower sections and floatation in deeper areas, but does require a little more power for pushing into carves.

This is a must-have for deep powder days. It's fast snappy turns make it perfect for both slashing through the forest, and for spraying carves in the open.

Please choose WIDE model if your boot size is 11 (US) or larger
The wide model is 14mm wider and longer than the standard model.

Seipi Standard

Length: 1435mm
Width (widest point): 342mm
Width (150mm from tail end): 268mm
Thickness: 8.5mm
Weight: 2700g

Tailshape: Traditional fish/swallowtail
Rocker: Staged, relaxed nose rocker that flows into a flat centre area and ends with a shorter, steeper tail rocker.
3D base: Subtle 3mm spoon nose to flat center which flows to a 3mm deep convex tail section below the back foot for optimum control and speed.
Flex: snappy, medium tension, made for powder riding.
Core: meticulously selected Finnish A-grade birch ply.
Base and Top sheet: a layered sandwich construction which consists of layers of cellulose fibres (KRAFT-paper) impregnated with thermosetting resins and bonded under high pressure. The Birchtop has an additional thin layer (0,6mm) of A-grade curlybirch ply, finished with marine grade PU-varnish.
Edges: Hand routed with variable chamfer on top edge, finished with fine Tung oil.