How to choose: Camber or Rocker snowboard?

Miten valita: Camber vai Rocker lumilauta?

The world of snowboarding is full of different boards designed for different styles and conditions. Two common types of boards that often raise questions are camber and rocker boards. Read on to find out the main differences between the two boards.

Camber snowboard:

  • Traditional profile: Camber is the most traditional snowboard profile, where the center of the board is curved upwards when resting on a flat surface. This profile provides good power transfer and edge grip during descent.
  • Stable and predictable: The Camber board offers excellent stability on straight descent lines and hard surfaces. It makes it very predictable and suitable for calculators who want good edge grip and accuracy in their calculations.
  • For jumps and tricks: Camber boards are also popular for freestyle skiing, especially for jumps and tricks, because they provide good pop and control in the air.

Rocker snowboard:

  • Reverse profile: A rocker board, also called "reverse camber" or "banana," differs from camber in that it curves downward from the center of the board. This makes it very playful and easy to turn.
  • Easy for beginners: Rocker boards are great for beginners because they offer a forgiving and easy-to-control feel when landing. They don't need as precise edge grip as camber boards.
  • Softer landing feel: Rocker boards are often softer and allow you to float through the snow more easily. They are especially good for skiing in powder and deep snow.
  • Tricks and park landings: Rocker boards are also popular in park landings, especially for doing tricks, because they are easy to control and give a good pop for jumps.

So which board suits you better? It depends on your calculation style and experience level. If you are a beginner or want a playful and easy to control board, a rocker board can be a good choice. The Camber board, on the other hand, is more suitable for more experienced skiers who want a good edge grip and precision in their skis.

Also remember that there are also hybrid profiles that combine the best aspects of camber and rocker. In the end, the choice is personal, and you can try different boards to find the one that best suits your style and preferences in snowboarding.

When you start snowboarding, choosing the right gear can be challenging. Luckily, the experts at Shreddington Snow are here to help! In our store in Helsinki, you can get professional help and advice on choosing snowboarding equipment, whether your purpose is to ski down the slopes, float in powder or do tricks in the park. Trust us to find the right tools for you!

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