How to choose: Different snowboard bindings and their uses

Miten valita: Erilaiset lumilautasiteet ja niiden käyttötarkoitukset

Snowboarding is a sport that offers skiers countless opportunities to customize their equipment to suit their own needs and preferences. One of the most important pieces of equipment in snowboarding are bindings. The choice of bindings can have a big impact on the landing experience, comfort and performance. In this blog, we look at different snowboard bindings and their features.

  1. Traditional ties:

Traditional snowboard bindings are the most common choice for skiers. They consist of fasteners and support pins that hold your boots firmly on the board. Traditional bindings are reliable and easy to adjust, making them a good choice for beginners and experienced skiers alike.

  1. Flow bandages:

Flow bandages differ from traditional bandages in that they are so-called "hybrid bonds". They have a back that opens at the back, which enables faster and easier check-in and check-out of the bindings. Flow bindings are especially popular with skiers who want to minimize the time they spend standing on the slopes with boots on.

  1. Step-in bandages:

Step-in bandages are an even faster option than Flow bandages. They work by locking into the boot when you place it in the bindings. This allows for even faster check-in and check-out, but they may not offer as good precision and power transfer as traditional bindings.

  1. Plate-binding bandages:

Plate-binding bindings are specially designed for alpine skiing and off-piste skiing. They provide the loader with better power transmission and stability at high speeds and uneven conditions. They tend to be heavier and require more time to adjust, but they are an excellent choice for experienced skiers looking for top performance.

  1. Burton EST Bindings:

Burton's EST (Extra Sensory Technology) bindings are specially designed to work with Burton board models. They attach to the board directly on top of the board, which enables better contact and utilization of the board's features.

  1. Splitboard bindings:

If you're a passionate splitboarder, you'll need special splitboard bindings that allow the bindings to be attached to mountain shoes and provide risers for climbing. Splitboard bindings are essential if you plan to go off-piste and snowboard in the mountains.

In order to choose the right bindings, it is important to consider your own experience, riding style and preferences. Conventional bindings are generally a safe choice, but experienced skiers may consider other options, such as Flow bindings or Plate-binding bindings, which offer specific advantages for certain ski styles.

Also, be sure to adjust the bindings correctly so that they fit well with your boots and give you the best possible performance. In the end, the choice of bindings is part of the whole that makes your snowboarding experience enjoyable and safe.

When you start snowboarding, choosing the right gear can be challenging. Luckily, the experts at Shreddington Snow are here to help! In our store in Helsinki, you can get professional help and advice on choosing snowboarding equipment, whether your purpose is to ski down the slopes, float in powder or do tricks in the Park. Trust us to find the right tools for you!

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