The right length of the snowboard for the calculator?

Lumilaudan oikea pituus laskijalle?

The length of the snowboard is one of the most important factors that affect the skier's performance and comfort on the slopes. By choosing the right length of your board, you can optimize your experience and enjoy snowboarding to the fullest. In this blog, we look at the importance of the length of the snowboard and how you can choose the right length of board for your own needs.

Counter height and weight:

The choice of snowboard length is primarily influenced by the skier's height and weight. The skier's height and weight affect how the board carries the skier and how it behaves in different conditions. Generally speaking:

Longer boards: Longer boards offer more flotation in deep snow and more stability on straight descents. They are usually suitable for larger calculators.

Shorter boards: Shorter boards are more manoeuvrable and nimble, and are great for tricks and park landings. They are usually a better choice for smaller calculators.

Billing style:

Skiing style also affects what length of snowboard is best for you. If you are more interested in off-piste descents and moving in deep snow, a longer board may be a better choice. On the other hand, if you enjoy doing tricks and parking, a shorter board can give you better control and mobility.

Earlier experience:

Experience in snowboarding also affects the choice of the length of your board. Beginners can benefit from a shorter board profile that is easier to control. More experienced skiers may consider longer boards, which offer better stability at higher speeds.


The length of the snowboard can also vary depending on where you ski. For example, when descending in deep snow and powder, a longer board can help you float better, while on harder slopes, a shorter board can provide better control and agility.

Individual preferences:

    In the end, the length of the snowboard is also an individual preference. Some skiers may choose a board that is different in length from the above recommendations because they feel it is better and more suitable for their own needs.

    When choosing the length of your snowboard, it is important to consider all these factors and try different options before making a final decision. Many snowboard shops and Ski Centers offer the possibility to rent boards of different lengths so that you can test what works best for you.

    Also remember that many other factors affect the choice of snowboard, such as profile, binding settings and board width. Always consult professionals and more experienced skiers for more advice and tips on choosing the right snowboard for your style and skill level. In the end, the most important thing is to enjoy snowboarding, whatever the length of the board!


    Counter length (cm) Recommended board length (cm)
    150-160 140-150
    160-170 150-155
    170-180 155-160
    180-190 160-165
    190+ 165-170


    Counter length (cm) Recommended board length (cm)
    140-150 130-140
    150-160 140-145
    160-170 145-150
    170+ 150-155


    Counter length (cm) Recommended board length (cm)
    100-110 90-100
    110-120 100-110
    120-130 110-120
    130-140 120-130

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