How to choose: Park or All mountain snowboard?

Miten valita: Park vai All mountain lumilauta?

All mountain and park snowboards: Two different boards, two different experiences

Snowboarding is a winter activity loved by people who are enthusiastic about snow games. Boarding offers a versatile way to enjoy the snow and the mountains, but it's not as simple as just getting on the board and going down the slope. One of the most important decisions a snowboarder has to make is choosing the right board. The two most common types of boards are all mountain and park snowboards. These boards have different features and purposes and this blog will look at the differences between them.

All mountain snowboard: Universal all-rounder

All mountain snowboards are versatile boards that are designed to perform well on all types of slopes and snow conditions. They are snowboarding all-rounders and are perfect for those who want to experience all the possibilities the mountains have to offer. The main features that distinguish an all mountain board from other boards are:

Good balance: All mountain boards are designed to offer a good balance between different snow conditions, so you can ski with them both in powder snow and on harder slopes.

Medium Width and Medium Tips: These boards are usually medium in size and have Medium Tips, which makes turning easier and keeps them stable in varying conditions.

Durability and stability: All mountain boards are generally stronger and more stable to better withstand the changing conditions of the slopes and possible hard impacts.

Park snowboard: The choice of freestyle experts

Park snowboards, as the name suggests, are designed especially for fans of snow parks and freestyle tricks. These boards differ from all mountain boards in several ways:

Shorter length: Park boards are usually shorter, which makes them more agile and easier to do tricks in the snow park.

More flexible construction: Park boards are generally more flexible, which allows for better mobility in the air and smoother landings on jumps and falls.

Tip and tail design: These boards often have a specific tip and tail design that helps the skier perform tricks and tricks more easily.

Which board is right for you?

When choosing a snowboard, you should consider your own skill level and what forms of skiing you enjoy the most. If you are a beginner or want to enjoy the slopes in a variety of ways, an all mountain board can be a good choice. It offers stability and ease in all kinds of conditions.

On the other hand, if you are an experienced snowboarder and love freestyle tricks, the park board gives you the best opportunities to realize your creativity in the snow park. They are also recommended if you enjoy mostly snow parks and freestyle tracks.

Finally, remember that these are generalizations and that each board may have its own unique characteristics. The best way to find the right snowboard for you is to try different boards and get feedback from experienced snowboarders and experts. Regardless of whether you choose an all mountain or park board, the most important thing is to enjoy snowboarding and the mountains.

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