How to choose: The right kind of equipment for beginner children?

Miten valita: Oikeanlaiset välineet aloitteleville lapsille?

Choosing a snowboard for a child depends on many factors, such as the child's age, experience and size. Here are some general recommendations for choosing snowboards for children of different ages:

  1. Children under 4 years old:

If the child is under 4 years old, snowboarding may still be too challenging. At this age, you should consider using a slide or sled on snow, as they are easier to control and safer for small children.

  1. 4–6 year olds:

At this age, it is usually recommended to start snowboarding with snowboarding lessons or a children's skiing school. Several board brands offer snowboards designed for small children that are light and easier to control. Choose a board that is the right length for the child to have better control.

  1. 7–11 year olds:

As the children grow and gain more experience, you can consider buying a board. Choose the board size based on the child's height. Snowboards designed for children are usually softer and easier to control than adult boards.

  1. 12–16 year olds:

Young snowboarders can use small adult boards, but it is still important to choose a board with the appropriate length and flexibility. Choose a board that matches the skill level of the young skier and the planned type of skiing (e.g. all mountain, park, or freeride).

  1. Over 16 years old:

When youngsters reach adulthood, they can use adult snowboards. The choice of board depends on their skill level and what kind of skiing they enjoy. Adult boards tend to be more versatile and offer a wider range of features.

Also remember that safety is paramount. All children and young people should be equipped with appropriate protective equipment, such as a helmet and wrist guards. A helmet is a particularly important safety factor because it protects the head from possible injuries.

Finally, before buying a snowboard for your child, consider taking a ski school or snowboarding lesson so that the child learns the proper techniques and safety rules for snowboarding. A safe and fun snowboarding experience is the most important thing.

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