Snowboarding and Skiing Goggles: A Guide to the Best Choices

Lumilautailu- ja Laskettelulasit: Opas Parhaisiin Valintoihin

Snowboarding and skiing goggles are essential equipment on the slopes. They protect your eyes from snow, wind and the sun's harmful UV rays. In this blog, we go through how to choose the best glasses for different weather conditions and explain the meaning of different lens colors and the different lens treatments. Finally, we also tell you about the Shreddington Snow online store, where you can get Electric and Spektrum glasses.

Glasses for Different Climates

In the sun:

  • Lens Color: Dark lenses like gray or bronze are ideal for sunny days. They reduce the amount of light that enters the eyes and offer the best protection against glare.
  • UV Protection: Make sure the glasses offer 100% UV protection.

Cloudy or Snowy:

  • Lens Color: Clear lenses or light colored lenses such as yellow, orange or pink are best for cloudy or snowy weather. They improve contrast and provide better visibility in low light.
  • Anti-Fog Treatment: This treatment is important to prevent fogging of the lens in bad weather.

Different Lens Colors

Different lens colors are not only aesthetic, but they affect visibility in different weather conditions.

  • Blue or Green: Improves contrast and reduces glare, suitable in partly cloudy weather.
  • Yellow or Orange: Excellent in low light, improves visibility and contrast.
  • Dark Lenses: Best suited for a bright, sunny day.

Glass Treatments


  • Polarized Lenses: Reduces reflections from snow and ice, provides a sharper view and less eye strain.


  • Anti-scratch treatment: Extends the life of the lenses and ensures better visibility.

Eye Health

It is important to choose snowboarding and skiing goggles that offer sufficient UV protection and are comfortable to wear. Good glasses reduce eye strain and protect them from damage.

In the online store you can find Electric and Spektrum brand glasses.

  • Electric glasses: These glasses are known for their cutting-edge technology, including excellent UV protection and anti-fog treatment. Electric was founded in Southern California and has been a leading brand in the industry for years.

  • Spektrum glasses: Swedish Spektrum offers ecologically sustainable skiing glasses made of durable and environmentally friendly material. The lenses are of high quality and offer excellent protection and visibility in different weather conditions.

Find out more and find the perfect snowboarding and skiing glasses for yourself in the Shreddington Snow online store!

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