Viewpoint: Snowboarding for young children

Näkökulma: Pienten lasten lumilautailu

Snowboarding for young children is full of joy, excitement and new learning experiences. However, because children are physically smaller and more vulnerable, it is important to ensure that they have the right equipment and gear to ensure a safe and comfortable snowboarding experience.

Special Features of Children's Snowboarding

Children's Snowboards

Children's snowboards are different from adult boards. They are shorter, lighter, and more flexible, making them easier to control for a child's smaller size and strength levels. Children's boards are also designed to make it easier to maintain balance and reduce the likelihood of falling.


The escape strap is a handy accessory that prevents the board from escaping too far if the child falls. This helps to avoid unnecessary walks on the slope and keeps the board always close to the child.

Fall Mitigation Pants and Back Armor

Fall-absorbing pants and back armor protect the child from bruises and more serious injuries. They provide additional protection for the hips, knees and back, which is especially important for active, mobile children who are just learning the secrets of snowboarding.

Helmet: Absolute Choice

Wearing a helmet is essential for all snowboarders, especially children. A helmet protects the child's head and significantly reduces the risk of concussion and other head injuries.

Additional products and Accessories

  • Helmet : Protects the head and is definitely the most important piece of equipment.
  • Back armor : Provides additional protection in the event of a fall on the back.
  • Escape strap : Keeps the board close and makes it easier to control the child.
  • Fall Mitigation Pants : Protects hip and knee areas.

Why Children's Tools Are Different from Adults' Tools

Children's snowboarding equipment is specially designed according to children's anatomy, strength and skill level. They are lighter, more flexible and often simpler to use, helping children learn the basics of the sport safely and effectively.


Snowboarding for young children is a memorable experience for both children and parents. With the right equipment and gear, you can ensure that your child enjoys snowboarding to the fullest while being protected and safe. Always remember to prioritize safety and choose high-quality tools and equipment designed for use by children.

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